How to Use : Remote Access On Server Servers
/rcon fl command /fl command Click Here
Command Action Alternate MapReload
|||| Maps ||||      
<map> Change to Map (Map must be in a rotation) - Yes
|||| Gametypes ||||      
<gametype> Change to gametype - Yes
assassin assassin ass Yes
assault assault - Yes
battlefront battlefront front Yes
commander commander com Yes
countdown countdown cd, tnt Yes
ctf capture the flag - Yes
dm deathmatch ffa Yes
demolition demolition dem Yes
docs docs - Yes
dom domination - Yes
escape escape - Yes
escort escort - Yes
evac evac - Yes
exterminate exterminate ext Yes
flags flags - Yes
koth headquarters hq Yes
hill hill - Yes
invasion invasion inv Yes
lms last man standing - Yes
mission mission - Yes
nuke nuke - Yes
objective objective obj Yes
officers officers - Yes
overcome overcome oc Yes
pilot pilot - Yes
reinforcements reinforcements reinf Yes
resist resist - Yes
sab sabotage - Yes
savage savage - Yes
sd search & destroy - Yes
sniper sniper - Yes
spy spy - Yes
strike strike - Yes
surrender surrender sur Yes
survivors survivors - Yes
swarm swarm - Yes
s-1 s-1 s1, swarm1, swarmone Yes
tags tags - Yes
targets targets - Yes
war team deathmatch tdm Yes
unity unity - Yes
vip vip - Yes
virus virus - Yes
waves waves - Yes
wrath wrath - Yes
|||| Gametypes with Airborne Mode ||||      
<gametype_ab> Change to gametype with Airborne Mode <alternate_ab> Yes
|||| Weapons |||||      
weapons Normal Mode (all weapons) weap Yes
bash Bash Mode (Knives Only) knife, knives, faca Yes
pistol Pistol Mode pistols Yes
rifle Rifle Mode rifles Yes
w_sniper Sniper Mode (Snipers Only) - Yes
sniper Sniper Mode (Virtual Gametype) snipers Yes
cop Cop Mode - Yes
quake Quake Mode - Yes
tactical Tactical Mode - Yes
infantry Infantry Mode - Yes
silent Silent Mode stealth Yes
light Light Infantry Mode lim Yes
zillion Zillion Mode z Yes
cyborg Cyborg Mode - Yes
nade Nade Mode nades Yes
gl GL Mode - Yes
custom Custom Mode - Yes
random Random Mode - Yes
|||| Weapons - Adds |||||      
w_sidearm Turn ON/OFF Sidearm w_as No
w_eagle Turn ON/OFF Desert Eagle w_desert, w_de, w_deagle No
w_night Turn ON/OFF Night Vision w_nv No
w_hardpoints Turn ON/OFF Hardpoints w_hp, w_hps No
w_nades Turn ON/OFF Nades w_frags No
w_nades2 Give 2 Nades Each w_frags2 No
w_nades3 Give 3 Nades Each w_frags3 No
w_nades4 Give 4 Nades Each w_frags4 No
|||| War Server |||||      
war_server Turn ON/OFF War Server ws, warserver No
ws_now Start War Server RIGHT NOW - No
|||| Server |||||      
fr Fast Restart - No
mr Map Restart - Yes
next Next Map rotate Yes
end Ends Match fim No
balance Team Balance On/Off - No
|||| Extras |||||      
ab Turn ON/OFF Airborne Mode abmode Yes
hm Turn ON/OFF Help Mode helpmode Yes
cm Turn ON/OFF Chaos Mode chaos,chaosmode,chaotic No
ac Turn ON/OFF Anti-Camping anticamp No
move Redirects all clients to another server ip,ip1,ip2,ip3,ip4,ip5 Yes
wall Turn ON/OFF Wall Tweeks - No
warfx Turn ON/OFF War Effects - No
|||| Bots |||||      
bots Turn ON/OFF Bots bot No
baN Add N Bots to Allies ba1,ba2,ba3,ba4,ba5,ba6...ba9 No
bxN Add N Bots to Axis bx1,bx2,bx3,bx4,bx5,bx6...bx9 No
kb Kick all Bots killbots No
r Reconnect Players + Restart Server - Yes
|||| Map + Settings |||||      
MAPNAME Map MUST be in any Rotation list Exemple: /fl mp_crash No
|||| Local |||||      
fixme Fix incomplete promotions (local server only) - No
|||| Remap ||||      
xdom Start Flag Location Remap xflag No
xsd Start SD Bombsite Location Remap - No
xsab Start SAB Bombsite Location Remap - No
eof Stop Remap - No
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