COD4 | Frontlines


Hajas MODs | In the Front of a battle there's not really a target objective aside the territory, always having one army attacking when the other is defending... and that's the feel that Battlefront gametype tries to bring to COD4 Multiplayer.

Battlefront is a mix of Round Based Match which is a Team Deathmatch but just with one life available to each player with an Objective match like Search & Destroy.

When I created this gametype I had in focus what is Good in a Round Based Match that we don't have in an Objective match? And what is Bad that I need to fix to make a Round Based Match great as Search & Destroy already is?

Good Points
In a Round Based Match we have a fredom to explore all the map, make many different tactics in many different places of the map, moving our squad around attacking, defending & flanking like a real war in the frontlines. While in a Objective gametype we are fixed around the objective area, making all the same defense positions, and almost ignoring the rest of the map.

Loading Screen Bad Points
No one is in fact attacking, since you aren't really under any orders so that territory doesn't mean anything to you or to your team, the same to the enemy... We all are just focus in our frags, trying to killing more than we die... that's it.

And since it's more easy to kill in a defense position we will be soon into a very boring game with both teams defending all the time, and who try to attack will do it probably alone, and be killed over and over again until he start also to defend like the rest or quit the game and go to play something else...

Attackers Attackers Menu Defenders

So in Battlefront we are divided in 2 teams Attackers/Defenders like in an Objective match, but our objective is conquest/defend the territory, in this case the map itself.

Objective     . Eliminate all defense forces before the timelimit
Tactics     . Move as a squad (or many squads)
    . Search for the enemy defenses
    . Find a way to destroy their defenses
    . Hunt the survivors

Objective     . Resist to enemy attack until the timelimit
    . Eliminate all strike forces
Tactics     . Move as a squad (or many squads)
    . Search for defense positions
    . Create an Anbush
    . Counter Strike

So when the timelimit is over the Defenders will win the round, then the Attackers will need to atttack at all costs because now is really his main objective, and if they don't attack they simply will lose.

Battlefront was created to play with only one live, but is possible to set until 50 lives to each player. So I recommend you not to play with many lives to keep the fear of death present ingame. But if you want to set really many lives, remember that you will need to put the Timelimit very high too, because when the Timelimit ends, all the Defenders must be exterminated or they will win the match.

Battlefront Options/Features
. scr_front_timelimit
. scr_front_scorelimit
. scr_front_roundlimit
. scr_front_numlives
. scr_front_roundswitch
. scr_front_roundswitchspawn
. scr_front_sides_msg
. scr_front_remember
. scr_front_sides_msg
. scr_front_type (0=No Flag/1=Flag)

Battlefront gametype will work in ANY map released or that will be released, since they respect the patterns of Call of Duty 4 mapping, will be able to play this gametype there, without any change or update required.

After the R3L04D version there's a option to add a Flag in the defend respawn to avoid bad players playing hide & seek instead of defend the line! So if they loose the flag they loose the territory, but it's not that easy to conquest that flag. One soldier alone will need 1 min to conquest.

This flag was really created to force people defend the territory instead of get hide, so it's a secondary objective to the attack, that still need to kill all defenders to win.