Manchester United 2 Brasil Em PortuguÍs

This is another nice soccer game from the same period of Sensible Soccer & Goal!, not so good as a Sensi, but far better than Goal! But was also fun to play it sometimes. He had a nice and different view of the field, with many types of plays, incluiding with head and ball effect.

Was very easy to edit this game, so why not make another brazilian version of a soccer game? I created 149 brazilian teams to play with, so it's just load the brazilian pack to have all these teams available to play.

Manchester United 2 Brasil

Just unzip into a folder then execute MAN.EXE to play the game. Go to Disk Shop and choose the BRASIL2.TDA database, and click at Load Edited Database and all the teams will be loaded to you. I recommend the use of DOSBox to play this game, a great DOS Emulator.