News 2009

2009.10.24 | Frontlines

Since the Modern WarFAIL 2 revealed that will not have any modtools or even dedicated servers and we all know will be another complete disaster like MOHA some years ago, there's no point in save what I was working on to this failed game. Which I know will have another fantastic SP like any COD, but the MP will be just like the video games, small maps, few players, bad pings (specialy to someone outside EUA/Europe like myself), a chaos since doesn't have any admin on the "servers", etc, etc, etc... the problems that we ALL already know, but seams that IW don't!

So, even if they release a dedicated server later will not work fine to video game versions, since we will still have small maps, idiot game play, and I bet will not be able to have more than 16 players online. Maybe if they release patches like MOHA did with more than 4gb maybe they can fix all that shit (will be another game of course), but will be also tooooo late like was to MOHA, seams the history repeated itself.

Sooooooooo, there's no point in save what I was already working on to this dead game. Then I decided to reopen the Frontlines to COD4, and I'm already started to add all the new stuff that I planned to add in MW2. Some new features like the brand new and already famous Zillion Mode are already at our server in the beta version of Frontlines 5.2.

Frontlines 5.2 BETA Server
Country Name IP X

Aside that will have around 6 more brand new gametypes, almost them also created by myself which never were released anyhere before. Play them before anyone and help us to tweek them to be very well balanced like the others. Of course all of them will work in any map ever released to COD4, since they are made well.

A version to W@W seams more real right now, and probably will be released next year.

2009.09.22 | Hajas MODs Corporation

If you play any Hajas MOD please join us at XFire and let's play together online!

XFire : Hajas MODs Corporation

There you will also know the latests news from the updates and the new mods by Hajas. And If you are an admin from any Hajas MOD Server, please let me know then your server will be added there and you will be promoted as Hajas Commander.

Let's Frag! :P

2009.09.06 | Frontlines

A fix patch for Frontlines was released today!

5.01 Fixes

. Few English misstype corrections
. War Server scoreboard crash with over 48 players
. War Server x Uprising bug
. Now all weapons are removed during Wrath's Extra Time
. Now all weapons are removed during Exterminate's Extra Time
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Escape
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Escort
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Assassin/VIP
. Keep Heli Support for next round on Uprising
. Radar bug after punish players on Duel

You can download the full patched Frontlines 5.01 or if you already have Frontlines installed, just the Frontlines 5.01 Patch. Both must installed in the root of your COD4.

2009.05.30 | Frontlines

Today is the day! The Final version of Frontlines is released! :D

After more than a year of hard work the biggest mod ever created to Call of Duty series was released! Check the video right now and update your servers, because great armies are awaiting for more battlefields to play!

Frontlines : Nuke Frontlines : Help Mode Frontlines : Wrath
Keeping checking the Servers List with all servers already online with Frontlines 5 around the world to let you play with better pings. And remember, If you host a Frontlines 5 server, please let me know!

Thanks to all of you that support me in this quest, from just emails saying how much you loved Frontlines, until the big sites, stores, magazines, etc... that give attention to a brazillian with a weird and almost imposssible idea... thank you! :P

2009.04.26 | Frontlines

All the pages from Frontlines were updated with updated info about all the new features and gametypes. Feel free to read all about the mod here instead of the forum. I'll start to document the mod with screenshots and small movies to show the main features soon.

I'm also keeping the Servers List update with all servers already online with Frontlines 5 Beta. All others were removed and will only be re-added after be online with the beta files.

2009.04.23 | Frontlines

Finally the beta files from the Final version of Frontlines were released today to some of interested clans/servers/hosts/etc... then we gonna re-test everything around the world and fix any bug found to make the final release really perfect. If you want to host one, please reply here.

Below you gonna find some servers which are already running 5.0 Beta or will be in the next days.

Frontlines 5 Beta Servers
Country Name IP X
Eblan Team
GVW Hosting
[EMF] Frontlines
=EOB= Frontlines v5 Beta
/=TnT=/ Titen

If you want to know more about the new gametypes before I find some time to update the site, please go to this post on my help forum where you can read everything about them and some more.

Now you can play all over the world to get a taste of what Frontlines can do for your server. Let's frag! :D

2009.01.10 | Frontlines

Frontlines was elected the best COD mod of 2008 at Bash and Slash!!!

Frontlines elected the best COD mod of 2008!

Vote Frontlines for the best mod of 2008! I'm really honored that Frontlines was elected as the Best COD MOD of 2008 by one of most famous and respected COD sites around the globe! Thanks to everyone that followed me in this quest and still are fighting by my side after almost a year, and of course Jock Yitch from Bash and Slash for the interest in my work. But this War is not over yet, Frontlines is still running for the Best MOD of 2008 at MOD DB!!!

And not to make just myself happy, I'm releasing today Frontlines 4.1 to the public with 2 Brand new Gametypes plus few new updates like 2 New Wars to your War Server and few more options to create your own Wars.

Update your servers and let's fight together around the net!

2009.01.03 | Frontlines

Frontlines was nominated for the best mod of 2008 at MOD DB!!!

Vote Frontlines for the best mod of 2008!

If you like Frontlines please vote in my mod at THIS LINK or clicking in the image above to help Frontlines in this contest! Then find the same image on this page, and click at VOTE FOR MOD! Thanks to everyone that played my mod accross this amazing year! :P